Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town~

My dear PL got me a uCozy for Christmas! (even though it did not work and we are going through the process of getting a replacement)

I really really appreciate the thought, and he was so secretive about it. I didn't know that he got anything till his mum told me about the present this morning! =D Thanks dear~!!

It makes me feel bad that I was throwing a tantrum at him on Christmas Eve night because he refused to share the 田鸡 meal with me at Bukit Timah. But we got over it rather quickly so quite heng. It is just so frustrating, knowing that we are both being pissed because we wanted the best for each other.

Christmas was spent at both our houses, though the time divided wasn't really that equal. =P
I am just so lucky to have him who is willing to tolerate my temper, especially when it comes to feeding time @@

And being the considerate boyfriend that he always he, he waited for me to fall asleep before going home. =D

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