Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: Othermoon by Nina Berry

Othermoon is the second book of the Otherkin series by Nina Berry. Btw, I borrowed this book from Clementi Library :)


Everyone has secrets. When Dez rescued a boy, Caleb, from a cage, she discovered secrets she never knew she possessed, Now she's sure she's found the place where she belongs. With the otherkin - and with Caleb. But as the barriers between the mortal world and Othersphere fall, a wall rises between Dez and Caleb, leaving her fiercest enemy her only friend ...and maybe something more. Now Dez must make a devastating choice: keep the love of her life, or save the otherkin from annihilation...

This book really focuses more on Dez herself and the other characters are quite flat. I think a spinoff is in order if this keeps up. They are still fighting against Ximon and this time round, Lazar (Ximon's son) wanted to join their gang to pitch against his dad. It also delves into a little background of Lazar, which makes Dez (and the readers) sympathise with him. As expected, since Dez has this goodness oozing out of her, Lazar is in love with her and the love triangle begins.

I must say that it is difficult to like Dez in this book as she comes across as the domineering and meddlesome creature. She did a lot of wrongs and tries to salvage the situations but failed. This second book is also darker as compared to the first one, but the element of suspense is there. It is still worth reading, but I still prefer the first book. (Sorry for the biasness but I am rooting for Caleb.)

I still can't believe she let Lazar kissed her on the forehead! And Caleb is just totally reeking of jealousy!!

According to Amazon, the third book, Othersphere, would be released on 31 December 2013. Soon~~
But I will be getting my copy from the public library =P

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