Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Frozen

The love of the two sisters

Just watched frozen with the 2 other kids in Cathay at City Square.
We managed to get student prices at RM8 each. (Yes, Singapore student cards are accepted there :D)

There was a long queue despite today being a weekday. :(
Probably due to the December holidays?

Anyway, the animation was awesome! Anna has little freckles on her face and shoulders. There were musical parts in the film, as expected of Disney films.

The plot is really simple and good. It was heartwarming (literally).

Elsa(the older sister) is a young princess who has the ability to create ice/snow out of nowhere. One day, while playing with her younger sister, Anna, she accidentally froze her, and their parents went to beg the trolls to save her.

Elsa, who creates the wintery scenes =D

From then onwards, Elsa shuts herself up due to her lack of ability to control her power. She accidentally revealed her powers years later in public and was shunned by her own people. She fled, and shut herself in an ice palace, while Anna tried to convince her to go back to their homeland, where everything became frozen.
The frozen land of Arandelle

Initially, I thought that it would be a classical love story, but it ended up with a twist, where the love between the two sisters prevail. There were bittersweet moments when Anna begged Elsa to play with her like in the old times.

I thought it was this!

But it ended up being

The little snowman, Olaf, is so cute that I wanna bring him home! He injected so much humor in the film that I wanted to dub him as the make-me-laugh snowman. Imagine a snowman out in the sun sun tanning and drinking tropical juice =D

Olaf, the snowman

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