Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bintan trip at Bintan Spa villa resort (21-22 Dec 2013)

It was my first trip to Bintan, but since PL always said that Bintan is very lousy and expensive in his opinion, I went with totally no expectations.

The Tanah Merah Ferry terminal is just so far away. We were stuck in the traffic for quite long as there was a huge jam on the road, and some people ended up walking/jogging as they were late for the ferry (I think). So please leave your house earlier so that you can have ample time for your journey.

The walk to the ferry

The ferry trip was terrible. PL looked so pale and white, and he was going to vomit >.< I was feeling a little queasy myself when I saw the waves. I thought the ferry might just sink. @@ So, I think those who are prone to motion sickness should really get some medicine before taking the ferry.

After we reached the ferry terminal, we took the resort bus that goes so fast that it felt like a rollercoaster ride. I think it warrants as one as I nearly flew out of my seat a couple of times. It was rare to see CK and PL both a little sick during the ride. The ride is about 1hr and we reached this ulu resort.

The welcome drink served was too syrupy for my taste. It tasted horrible >.<
We checked in and selected our set lunch for the next day and also the timing for the spa package.

Then, off to the bedroom. We got a family room as there were four of us. The room is huge! There are also proper hotel amenities so I was quite happy. PL and I got the king sized bed while Francis and CK chose the single ones. Not exactly the best arrangement since PL sneezed throughout the night but oh well.

The view from our bed

There's a balcony too!

The other side of the room

We went out of the resort for lunch as the lunch prices in the resort are the same as Singapore!
From the resort entrance, turn left and walk for around 3-5 minutes and you will reach a local restaurant that serve seafood at a cheap price! It is a little rundown and dirty but the crabs are the freshest! They are called ketam by the way, and it's 200,000rupiah per kg. =)

Our lunch in pictures!

The guys commented that the sotong is not that nice when steamed, so try only if you dare. The rest are pretty good.
The price of the lunch = ~4SGD each

We went for the spa in the resort but I find it so-so only. It's not the best, and they usually eat your minutes, if you know what I mean. Not worth paying the money as they are about the same price as Singapore.

There are many good spots to hang around in the resort. The jacuzzi is not exactly the cleanest but it was damn shiok. Just remember to wash yourself thouroughly when you go back to the room. There is also no swimming pool so don't bother to bring your goggles along.

Darts and pool table are some stuff that you can do FOC, or you can just swing in the hammocks.
The three of us who are wearing school tees @@

They can even take both our weight!

Our dinner was purely seafood. It was pure heaven. We ordered 3 crabs (2 steamed and 1 black pepper), 1 kangkong, 1 plates of cockles and with rice, it cost 65SGD. Where in Singapore can you get this kind of price?!!

Our night is spent playing cards. And some of the people bought fireworks and set them. Not very amazing and the prices are expensive. Not my cup of tea. So just take your cameras and shoot. Most probably there will be some people who are willing to splurge to play with the fireworks.

We managed to finish up my supply. I think the change of location is quite good. 
Did I mention I love the bathroom? =D

The breakfast of the resort was not too bad. The scrambled eggs and omelettes were done nicely, and the chicken sausage tasted normal. The potatoes were good too. The misses are the french toast, and the watermelon. I didn't get to try the rest of the stuff as I was too full. There were homemade bread and cakes too.

The good views before lunch~~

It was a good trip all in all, but I doubt I will go back so soon, especially when PL is sea and land sick when he is at Bintan =(

Those who are not, enjoy!

P.S: Extra mineral water is complimentary.

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