Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Places that I wanna go with my other half

1. Jeju Loveland -

Jeju Loveland is a sexual themepark in South Korea. Who else can I go with if not with him?

A little peep into that world of sexual eroticism

2. Japan Love Hotels

Oh man, this is a place where I really wanna visit. I did briefly went into one before, but it was awkward, especially when we were there just to explore around and the person caught us inside (there were 3 of us) Good use of technology - I would give it to them.

How can we resist going in?!! (Look below!)

3. Thai Girl Show

From ping pong balls popping out to vaginas becoming can openers, it is something that is very unusual to experience with the partner.

4. The Northern Lights

No idea if we would have the cash but definitely it is one of the places which I want to go a lot!
It is so pretty!!

5. Magi Quest 

I know this is very unexpected but we are both gamers! What do you expect?

For those who don't know what this is about, it is a real life RPG game with wands! They are used to interact with objects and you get to go on quests.

For more info, please go to:

Let's go and have some fun!~

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