Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teo Heng KTV - Junction 10

Went there on Monday with Novelle and Jiahao to sing K. We managed to book the small room on a weekday from 1pm- 7pm for $32!!! 6 hours leh! How cheap can they get?!!

The best part of it is that we can sing and there is this program where they will rate your singing. Damn good. We only found out that we can choose a lot of songs, and it's not under the PK Singing. It's under Score Songs.

The room is small but cosy. Definitely can fit up to 4 pple. There are musical instruments but I find them very very noisy. *dislike*

Good thing is that we can bring our own food and drinks in. We save a lot!! Many of the people who came in with us are students, and like us, they were carrying super a lot of snacks. I am flabbergasted because I can't sing when I'm eating. How come they can?!!!

I definitely have to make another trip down before I start work at the new place.

But very inconviently, the LRT stops working in the middle of the day and they only resume their services after 9pm!!! Epic fail when I want to come back to Clementi. Probably have to take the bus, which takes freaking forever. @@

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