Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Wey Wey Live Seafood Batam

Wey Wey Live Seafood in Batam was introduced to us by Eska Wellness and Spa person, and they actually gave us a free ride there after our massage.

The food there was cheap and delicious. We ordered too much till we couldn't really finish.

We went for a weekday trip, which was why there are not many people there! I heard that on weekends, it is always very crowded.

The Gong Gong, which is a delicacy in Batam. It is sold almost everywhere! We really had to use skills to eat these you know.

Drunken prawns, which is what the waiter recommended. It was damn awesomely yummy~

The super hot curry that I couldn't really take.

Salted egg crab, which was not that nice since it was too dry. I still prefer the Malaysia/Singapore version.

The Dou Miao is good! We wanted to order more but our stomach protested against the excessive food.

The unglam photo of us eating~

The fried prawns is damn damn good. I think we fought for the last of it. HAHA.

I really really want to go again. The food is really not too bad, and for SGD 20 each, I think we ate damn alot. And there are still black pepper crab and...crayfish =D

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