Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: The Croods (2013)

Set in prehistoric times, Grug is the over-protective patriarch of a tiny Neanderthal clan who insists they stay huddled together in their cave, so they don't risk being eaten alive by wild animals outside. However, his rebellious teenage daughter Eep is desperate to explore the world, and she finally gets her chance when the family is forced to abandon their home in the wake of a deadly earthquake. Their guide is a fearless young man named Guy who has discovered this cool new thing called "fire" as they set out to find a new home.

The theme - Fearing to change is a bad thing - is reinforced throughout the whole movie. Everything that Grug did was bad, as he wanted to continue hi old way of life, which is to hide out in caves. Yet, the rest of the family embraced the change that came along the way, and they thrived with it.

Despite the theme being written all over the movie, the movie plot itself is commendable. There are many light-hearted moments where simplicity glows and the audience just can't help but shower in that moment of joy together with the characters.

I would recommend this show to kids and they would be entertained enough :)

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