Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: Bugis Halloween 1 November 2013

Somehow, I managed to procure 2 tickets for PL and I to attend the Bugis Halloween.

It is organised jointly by NYP, Bugis Street and some company. The trail will start at 11pm and end at 2am.
A quick google search showed that the ticket price is $36, excluding the sistics fee.

PL and I were there at around 10pm, since we need to get the tickets from our friend. We went to get Gong Cha before waiting at the entrance to chat. Thus, we managed to get in early.

We were the second batch to be ushered in, and completed it within 15 mins. There was goodie bags awaiting us at the exit too.

I guess we were one of the rare ones who didn't scream throughout the trail. The couple in front of us screamed like shit, and the group of girls behind us also screamed till I nearly went deaf.

The trail was not too bad, but there were too much light for it to be scary. The guy who was following behind us made us have a sense of security too. Maybe a darker place would help. The make up was good. I must say that it makes a whole lot of difference to the atmosphere.

But, I wouldn't pay $36 for it, because we finished the trail too quickly to make our money worth. One good thing is that the ticket allows us to go twice, but we gave up when we thought of the queue. =P

Good job though :)

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