Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My first time ordering from Zalora! 24/11/13 (good review)

Okays, this is really impulsive buying because I saw the shirts that PL got from Zalora. It seems that the shipping and returns are quite easy so I thought I would give it a try despite the bad reviews that I keep seeing online.

I made the order on the late night of 24/11/13 and they shipped my stuff out on 25/11/13! Very fast shipping indeed.

The courier just sent me an SMS that they would send the goods on 26/11/13, making good time.

But so far, it is 1/3 of the stuff that I ordered. I'm waiting to see the rest ~

I got my stuff on 26/11/2013, packed nicely in the TaQbin package.

I got a dress that I want to return as I look damn fat in it. >.<
Now, I have to find a package to pack it in and ship it back. Apparently PL tried to return and it is quite convenient - Just drop it at the post office, and it will be alright.

I dropped the package at Clementi Mall Post Office on 30th Nov 2013 (Sat) to return a dress that I didn't like.

4th Dec, I got my my money through paypal. There is a notification stating that they have received the package on 3rd Dec, and one day later, I have received my money. Good job!

P.S: My bf did not get his refund back get despite posting the stuff back on 23 Nov 2013. It has been almost 2 weeks?

[Updated] PL got his refund back via credit card within one week of posting back his stuff. He just did not check his account. So happy shopping with Zalora!

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