Thursday, November 21, 2013

7 things to discuss before marriage (ROM)

Marriage item 1: Children

Yes, we know we know. How can we not think about it when you keep shoving the issue down our throat? Even the pre-marriage course that we went through also have a segment about children.
So, for those who like to know, we are thinking of 2 and 2 guys at that. So I get to tumble them down and round, and they won't bother me if the "Mummy, am I pretty?" kind of bimbo talk.

Marriage item 2: Finances

So far we have not been spending much, with the exception of *ermm.. more than occasional eat-outs* and his motorbike expenses. Other than that, I have been curbing my travel itch. It's a good thing that he is such a good admin-er, because I can't keep track of what I spend. I only know that I very niao and don't wanna spend much.

Marriage item 3: In-laws

This proves to be a huge headache. Looking at the scene that she created when he came over to my place to eat, it seems like something has to be done. Obviously, she will not tell it to my face, but the person who is going to suffer the most is her dear baobei son. Esp since he is the one who is the motorbike male-maid now.

Marriage item 4: Religion

Something that I will not bulge on. I will not stand Christianity or whatever bullshit in my house. Now and ever. We did agree that if there is a religion that we are going to adhere to, it will be the flying spaghetti monster. R'amen. In fact, it was one of the factors that brought us together, when we first got to know each other.

Marriage item 5: Where to stay?

Like many of the youngsters here in Singapore, we gotta wait. Wait and wait. So that we can see our completed flat and move in together. And it kinda "helps" that the official handing of keys period is Mid-2018. Looking at the trend, the earliest that we will be able to move in will be in 2017, which is like 4 years from now? By then I would be like 29 years old. Hooray for the Singapore government. Meanwhile, we probably have to stay in with our parents. And there is no way that I will move in with him. Maybe except for the occasional weekend.

Marriage item 6: Tradition

I guess we have not really thought of it yet. There can be no talk of tradition until we move in.

Marriage item 7: Saying I'm sorry

We both say sorry when we are wrong, but I think he always do it faster than me =D

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