Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: The Mummy Exhibition, National Geographic Gallery and The Eames Exhibition

Jiahao and I went to all 3 exhibitions as we thought that we would be able to finish them all in a short period of time. We were so wrong.

It was a weekday so there wasn't many people around. We managed to get our tickets and got a seat in the theatre for The Mummy Exhibition. We took around 1.5 hours there after looking through every single item they had on display, but the whole exhibition was disappointingly small. Those without much interest would have probably taken around 20 mins (at most) to go through besides the show.

The National Geographic Gallery fared much better. We also spent around 1.5 hours there and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The pictures were so awesome, and they even had some old magazine editions lying around. We could have spent more time there if we weren't rushing for time.

For the Eames Exhibition, I must say that we did not really read through all the stuff since we weren't familiar with it. And we were quite tired out by the previous two exhibitions. But the chairs were so awesome that we didn't want to leave the seats. HAHA.

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