Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review: Batam - Eska Spa and Wellness

My friends and I went for a massage at Eska opposite Nagoya Mall. It was supposedly very famous, but the masseur that did the massage for PL last month at Megamall was not good. She was quite bad to the extent that PL did not tip her, which was a very rare thing indeed. I am always complaining that he tips too much.

This time round, I tried the service myself at the outlet near Nagoya mall, and I would say that the service is mediocre at best. I took a 2 hr therapeutic massage with essential oil but requested to only do the back, shoulder and neck. After one hour, the masseur did not know what to do next and just kept rubbing the same old points. I was very disappointed.

Asae said that her masseur was not very skilled either, and splashed a bit of hot water on her when she did the herbal compress massage. I was very lucky in the sense that because I only requested certain body parts to be massaged, the masseur secretly massaged me with the herbal compress too. The herbal compress was very warm (a bit hot) to the touch when she started to do the massage, but it was very soothing after a while.
The masseur will cool it down a little by pressing it on themselves first to make sure that it isn't too hot before applying on us. I feel a bit bad by that. The smell isn't bad either, and the mixture of essential oil and the herbal compress is quite interesting.

I think knowing a bit of Malay and Indonesian will help in gaining their favor, and they might be more happy to do what you request.

I might go back there again if I am up for some long spa-ing session.

P.S, my friend said that the thai massage was not shiok either :(

[Updated 26/1/2014]: Went back for facial treatment. You can read about it here.


  1. We went for the massage at Eska at megamall after you went back, all three of us did 2 hours herbal compress. My masseuse was not very good, she kept exerting too much force and left my right arm tendon a little swollen after that. But the guys enjoyed their sessions a lot, both of them lamented that 2 hours was not enough.

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