Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: S.E.A Aquarium at RWS

Just came back from S.E.A Aquarium exhausted.

I didn't realise that it was so big that it took us 3+ hours to walk through the area and take photographs.
We didn't stop to rest for long either. We did not go for the typhoon theatre in the end too. (I have been there before and it sucks.)

The stingrays are super cute! And there are a lot of colorful fishes :D

One good thing is that there are guides around to ask information, and there is also a place where we are allowed to touch the starfish, sea cucumber and stingray. It was quite a long queue despite it being a normal weekday! (Not during school holiday period)
Surprisingly, the place was packed. We were surrounded by mostly tourists, and usually Chinese nationals.

There is this big viewing gallery with large spaces for people to sit, and view the fishes. Food can be brought in (I think) since they are selling hotdogs and drinks at one part of the aquarium.

The dolphin viewing was pathetic. I think we went there at a bad timing because from afar, we saw someone feeding the dolphin, and we ended up being unable to see it.

Estimated time to complete it (if you like taking photos and looking at fishes swimming): 4 hours

I would think that it is a good date places:) If you don't mind noisy and packed places.

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