Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: NUR1113 (Active Ageing in Singapore)

Apparently this is a year one nursing module.
This is another module which is highly bidded for, and a relatively easy module.

Lectures can be skipped, as long as you read the lecture slides on your own. All the information had been pasted into the slides, rendering the lecture useless. The lecturer usually just reads from the slides.

Tutorials are easy. Nothing much to prepare, and basically, they are logic questions.

I remember doing a powerpoint presentation for this module.

We also did random experiments in tutorials. However, one thing not good about being the minority in a close-knitted faculty means that you can't really interact with the rest of the module mates. They all have a similar timetable, meaning that you have to suit their timing.

Something to consider if you are taking language modules huh.


  1. I wanted to ask, so that means that there is a group project for this module?

    Thank you, let me know if u still remember

  2. Hi,

    Yes. There is a group project. For my sem, all the non-nursing students were in my group (tutorial). We didn't managed to even interact with the nursing students.

  3. Hi there
    May I know the break down of CA pecentage? And finals

    Thanks alot

  4. Hi,

    I can't remember the breakdown. But quite a bit goes to the presentation and finals.

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  6. Are there like only a few non-nursing people? Im not taking this with any friend so will it be tough to find group partners? How did u end up in the tutorial with non-nursing people? From what I can see we can choose any of the tutorial slots. & is this module easy? or alot of memory work?
    Hope to hear from u soon so that I can bid xD

  7. Hi potato queen,
    I'm not sure how many non-nursing people there are but definitely not many because it was a compulsory module for the nursing peeps. Yes, we can choose any of the tutorial slots. I forgot to choose so they put me in one of the left-over slots. There were 6 non-nursing students in my slot and we all grouped together because we were the lost sheep who don't know anyone else there. This module is relatively easy. I got a B+ considering that I did not go for most of the lectures, and it's more of a common sense exam rather than memory work. Think of it as Civics and Moral Education exams if you had been in the normal Singapore schools.

  8. Just a note, I took it 2 years back so I'm not sure whether it's still the same.