Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: GEK 1545 (An insight into reproductive health)

This is the time of the year when all my posts about NUS modules are flooded with visitors.

I guess it's good time to do a belated review of it huh. (Pardon me if my memory is not too good)

I remember this module as one of the highest ever bidded module for me.

The lecture and tutorial are both held in NUH itself, and it was one of the rare times that I actually went to NUS so many times in a sem.

The lecturer is an Indian gynecologist, and he told us about his life story as well as went through the lecture notes. He made a lot of adult jokes though.

Lecture notes are easy to read and understand. I actually still keep some of them for reference. The mid-term assignment was an essay (something like a sociology question, if you know what I mean)

Overall, I think that it's an easy module.
The problem is, whether you have enough points to bid for it.

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