Thursday, July 18, 2013

Movie Review: The Rooftop (Jay Chou)

Okays, first of all, I'm a Jay Chou Fan =P

He mentioned that he wanted to do a musical movie that makes sense.
But..the movie don't really make a lot of sense.
There's a lot of singing and dancing inside, and full of Jay Chou's flavor. He is still his usual shy self, with non-existent kissing. >.< But it is definitely more mature than Initial D.
And the concept of the rooftop people and the outside world is quite interesting. Just that.. the plot is a little too shallow for my liking.
I am super disappointed by the ending. What's up with the racing car scene and the kidnapping of people?
And most of all, why the art gallery?!!

Verdict: Can watch the front part of the movie, but skip the ending.

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