Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

I'm not exactly a fan of action movie, but quite surprisingly, I did not fall asleep during the movie.

It feels like a Japanese-American plot, where they tried to infuse asian elements into the movie, and try to make fun out of it. The Hong Kongish setting is an epic fail.

Violence in the movie is expected, but the flurry of actions that accompanies it made me feel like I had a headache in the middle of the movie. I probably shouldn't have watched it in Imax, because the alignment felt a little out. Other than that, the action parts were good.

The romance in the film was a tad too predictable though. Connection between the lead and his co-pilot; how predictable can the plot get? Especially when his co-pilot is a female.

On the whole, the film is too serious for my liking, and there were too many tension points IMO. But as a girl who likes cartoons more than action flicks, I guess it was not too bad a movie.

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