Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Saveur Restaurant with PL

Saveur is the French Restaurant at Bugis and it always has a long queue. Finally, I got to try it today with PL =)

The food is really not bad and it's value for money. The soup was awesome!
PL was complaining about the portion of the food but I think it was still quite alright since we are not paying too much for the food anyway. If there is really a need, can just order another one.

The dessert really blew us of our seats. Cookies and milk is one of those on the special menu and after trying it, I must say that it is so much better than any other ice-creams out there.

And with 2 mains, 3 starters and 1 dessert, it only cost us around 56 bucks? Cheap cheap =D

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