Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Incanto at RWS

Witness the boundaries between reality and make-believe blur at Incanto™, the magical spectacular at Resorts World® Sentosa. This stunning multi-million dollar show billed as one of Singapore's largest productions is headlined by renowned illusionist Joe Labero, a three-time recipient of the Merlin Award whose shows have reached worldwide audiences of more than 100 million. Be spellbound by the show's death-defying illusions and astonishing acrobatic sequences, delivered by a team of award-winning producers and an international cast of 50 performers from around the globe.

A curious young Seeker enters a strange monastery, the gateway to a hidden dimension of mystery and illusion. Guided by the whimsical Jester, the Seeker's innocence attracts the fearful Dungeon Master, mortal enemy of the Sorcerer – played by Joe Labero, wizard of the mystical arts. Follow her thrilling adventures until the final showdown between Good and Evil.

Among the mind-blowing illusions performed by Labero are bold spectacles that have never been seen in Singapore such as the Double Levitation, where both Seeker and Sorcerer soar more than 10 metres simultaneously above the stage, and the Blade Runner, a terrifying sequence where a massive blade descends and slices the vanquished Dungeon Master in half.

Supporting Labero is a jaw-dropping line-up of acrobatic feats like the Wheel of Death, which has taken Las Vegas by storm. The biggest of its kind ever seen in Asia, this incredible feat is performed by the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, winner of multiple awards globally including gold prizes at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de L'Avenir and Gold & Silver Clown awards at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival.

Seeing is believing in this epic entertainment experience where magic meets fantasy in a high-energy combination of extraordinary illusion and acrobatics, soaring vocals, dynamic dance and lavish costumes and sets that make Incanto a thrilling and unforgettable experience for the entire family.

That was the kind of show that I was hoping to watch when I went to catch it last night. However, the actual show disappointed me. There was quite poor attendance despite it being a weekend night and I understood why after watching it. It wasn't spectacular considering the price tag attached to it. Luckily I had only paid $20 for it as I feel that it is totally not worth the initial $88 price tag.

The dances were very out of place with the plot, and I couldn't really place it together with the plot. They seemed to be dancing because the choreographer have to put them in into the program. The acrobatic feats  were not bad, and can see that those are not easy moves, and they did wow the audience.

 However, the set was cool, and the effects were really awesome. The costume designs were excellent too. I love the opening where the man in cloaks walked in with the lights, giving it a very eerie feeling.

The magical illusions were few and far in between, and I would have wanted more of those since I am essentially paying for a magic show, right? 

All in all, I would not recommend friends to go, because it is really nothing spectacular about it.

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