Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kiseki Buffet Review

Went with Val to eat Kiseki Restaurant Buffet after recommendations by Jingyi and Alvin. I was just mentioning about my cravings for sashimi when we suddenly switched our dinner plans to Kiseki.

Booked a reservation through the phone. I was quite surprised that there was still space since it is a Saturday night, and it seems like people have been giving it good reviews.

The place was BIG. I didn't expect it be so big, and Val was joking that we can eat more since we can move about to digest our food. The first thing that we aimed for was sashimi since I have been craving for it quite a while. I think I didn't get to eat enough in Malaysia. LOL.

The sashimi spread was quite alright - above average for a buffet at $41.45 with other Japanese dishes. I think the salmon was nicely cut, not too thin nor too thick, just that it doesn't have the freshness taste that I was accustomed to when I ate sashimi in Japan, but I don't think I should compare. I am not a big fan of salmon too, so maybe I'm a little too picky. The tuna was better, but the size of it was too small. But it was cut in a cute triangle shape and there isn't any limit so it is actually quite alright. I like to arrange the sashimi so they look appealing when I am going to eat it =) And there's Tako and swordfish. The tako is average too, with all the chewiness.

Next up on the list was nabe. The soup was awesome! There are so many buffets out there with salty soup and big servings so that you won't be able to try all the stuff, but I tried 2 of them, the pork and the seafood one. Frankly, I think the pork shabu-shabu nabe was nicer since I don't really eat much prawns but the soup was delicious.

We ate some steamed tamgo with salmon inside (I have no idea what it is called but that was one of the best dish of the day) I put a lot of bonito (my fav) and mayo on it. Hey, there isn't a lot of place where they actually allow u to take unlimited bonito since it is very expensive. (A packet of it costs like 6+ in NTUC) luvs it.

The Teppanyaki was not bad too. Ordered veggies and clams. There are these clips that you clipped onto the plate and then put it on the tabletop to order. We took a while to figure how the system works. Cui max.

Tried out the grilled cauliflowers but it tasted horrible. I think that was the only bad dish that I ordered. There was also this salad section that I didn't managed to try because I was sooo full. And the curry that people said that we have to try it but it involves having rice (yes they have steamed rice there) but I can't make myself to eat anymore, because of the huge varieties of food there. Even though I heard some people commenting about the limited items (where got limited if we can't try them all?), I think it is more than enough for me.

I complained and complained about how full I am but I ended up getting the waffles and the ice-cream with toppings. They are great! The waffles is just the way I like it. Soft in the middle part and crunchy at the sides. I think they are one of the favs for the kids as I saw a few parents taking it for their kids. There is also a chocolate fondue that I didn't try, but it seems to be a fav among the customers also.

There are a lot of other stuff that I haven't tried too!

The service there is good. I must say that I have not seen a buffet restaurant which is so attentive to its guest. I was impressed by the service when they brought in the food, and they kindly reminded us of the last order timing, even though we looked as if we were done. (we were indeed done in by the food)

Conclusion: I would go back there to eat if I'm not on a diet. Haha. Because the food there is quite tasty. And reasonably affordable for a treat. But for small-eaters + value consciousness, I think it did burn a hole in my pocket =(

Frankly, I think we didn't eat much but it's probably the company that matters.

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