Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 of batam trip - 3rd jan

Woke up super early. The rest were still slping. I think chengwei was the second one to wake up. And some of the guys have to go back to sg early, so left me, yuxi, mj, zy and bh. 5 of us. The guys dabaoed a muffin each for us, but it was totally not nice. And we drank white wine in the morning sia. Not a lot la, but then it is quite shocking.

Slacked until around 12 den we went off to BCG mall (i think) and ate lunch there. We had fries marathon, and it was horrible. Cheese fries become thousand island fries. I think they dunno how to cook de. After that we went arcade again. On the way, we saw some tattoos shop and bh was jokingly saying that he will sponsor pple to do tattoo! haha. And we also went to the hypermart to buy stuff again.

For the whole trip, it was just eating, and walking around, eating again, not forgetting our dearest arcade for company. Imagine. We played until we got 500+ tickets, which is a hell lot considering that we were there only for 2 days.

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