Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts on Taiwan trip

This trip to taiwan is an eye-opener.
It was not what I had pictured it to be, but not too bad either.
I have learnt more stuff than I had planned to, both good and bad. I learnt that, never ever go on trips with just one other pple, esp when the person is not ur bf.
There are some stuff where you have to experience it in order to learn, and I did.

Many things had happened during the taiwan trip, both in Singapore and Taiwan, to me and to others.
It was a mere ten days, but there were major changes.
I thought that Tashrif was reliable, yet apparently he's not.
Just like I thought that ah gong was, but he was not as mature as I thought him to be.

First of all, I must admit that I have a stubborn streak, and I want to do things my way.
So, when he wanted to go to some places that I do not want to, I refused to, but I suggested to him that he can go with someone else or alone. Since I will be a hindrance to him anyway. So there started the black face thing.
I mean, from my pov, I will be relieving him the boredom of going with me to shop for my clothes, and he can enjoy his IT shopping.
I feel that he's too clingy.

Secondly, I seriously hate his act cute look. I mean, come on, it's ok if he's not helping me to take my stuff, cuz I'm not even expecting him to do it, but why must I be the one to carry his stuff too? Arghh.

Besides that, I really don't have anything to grumble about, but that's the 2 things that had been bugging me during the trip.

Ok, back to sg.

I'm surprised at some of the stuff people can do.
So, I guess I'll have more stuff on my hands during august when all the events start rolling in.

I'm going to malaysia from the 15th to the 20th, with my cousins. I'm hoping that it would be a cool trip. No matter what, they're still my family.

I have also realised that uni life made me cringe at books. I was an avid reader until university. And yet now, I can survive for 10 days without books! Haha. but I think I needed that break.

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