Saturday, March 20, 2010

forgetful me

I left my phone in clubroom. For the dunno how many times liao. Sian.

Met Val in clubroom today. Have been seeing her a lot recently. LOL.
Passed Zhitong the walkie talkies today. And he's gonna return it on tuesday. I hope he wun be late. Otherwise I would just leave him there waiting. Cuz I got tuition at 5pm.

My parents are back! As expected, my mum is screaming at my brother because he din wash the clothes. Orh-bi quack.

Tml is so going to be a stressful day. Packed with activities. Skit rehearsals in the morning, then have to rush to cityhall to pass Daniel the book, and then lessons. After that, I am so going to attempt to finish all the overdue webcast lectures.

Sunday is not any better. Tuition in the morning, collecting of payslip and then tea-drinking.

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