Friday, April 20, 2018

Mar Updates

I really need to curb this impulsive side of me.

I signed up for baking classes at ABC cooking studio! :)

I shall share my experience in a separate post as I think it warrants a post of its own.

The learning side of me got quite a good dose in March. Did Ocarina classes, japanese and a smattering of Russian here and there. +baking lol

Started preparing dinner on a regular basis at home too. I super duper love having my own house without nagging parents. 😉

Discovered this picnic area that overlooks the indoor stadium! So pretty!!

Work was a bitch though, with all the year end closing and a mad rush for events.
But we gotta enjoy life~

Stay tuned for my April updates and the baking classes posts!


  1. my colleague is in ABC cooking too, and in one of her classes last week she learnt to bake some brownie cakes. She brought some to work and OMG IT WAS DELISH ^^ Life sure isn't easy and it's short, so enjoy the little sweet moments of fun and play! looking forward to your baking updates!

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