Saturday, January 13, 2018

Italki review - Korean and Japanese language learning

bad news - I was informed by KLC (SKIS) that there are not enough students for a class they will be refunding me my fees.

Because of this, I have to search for alternatives and with my hectic schedule, there are really not too many options.

While surfing the net trying to look for a suitable class, I chanced upon italki that seems to have pretty good reviews. The gist of this platform is that it is a marketplace that links foreign language teachers and learners up and payment is through the website's platform.

To round up the pros and cons, now that I have used it:

- Pay per lesson (which is good for people with irregular schedule)
- different types of teachers (you can choose a teacher that you have chemistry with and they have trial lessons!)
- cheap! My lessons are about SGD13 per hour, which is cheaper than normal tuition fees for common subjects in Singapore
- 1 on 1 tuition which means that I can focus on the areas that I am weak at instead of being bored at class when the teacher teaches stuff that I already knew.
- Complements well with self-studying as I can steer the direction of my learning goals
- very easy to work on speaking skills as the teacher is focused on you.
- rating of the teachers by students are shown on the web.

- May get lazy and never schedule for lessons
- there are transaction fees when you buy the italki credits (which is very annoying IMO.)
- you may have to get 2 or more regular teachers as some of the teachers have very limited schedule to choose from
- need to use skype (I had to sign up for an account when I started using italki >.<)
- some of the teachers do not have a structured syllabus (which is bad if you have no idea what you want to learn)

But! Go try it out!

If you are interested, you can sign up via this link! Once you made a purchase, both you and I would get USD 10 credits! :D

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