Thursday, December 21, 2017

Restarting Korean language

Recently, I have a new obsession - to re-learn korean.

For those who didn't know my background, I took 1 special sem of Korean language back in NUS year 1 and nearly died. I had no idea why I wanted to condemn my grades by trying to compete with those self-proclaimed non-noobs. Basically I was trashed by those who pretended to not know Korean but could speak fluently by the 2nd week in class. Seriously -.-

I was randomly surfing the net and hangukdrama appeared in my search when I was looking up for some JLPT blogs by Singaporeans. I was inspired by her consistency in language learning and it became a source of motivation for me. We are kind of similar yet not similar. I started with learning Japanese back in...2005? and slowly progressed from there. I guess she is a more hardworking person since she managed to pass her TOPIK 6 within a few years (which is pretty fast track) while I'm still trying to pass my N1 >.<

Well, we all progress at our own pace and to push myself, I signed up for Korean class at KLC (formerly SKIS). It's supposed to start in Jan next year and I went for the trial class in Dec (there's a $50 discount) and hopefully, it will assist me to *ahem* study harder for the TOPIK test.

I got placed into E3 after the placement test via email!

*Quite excited to start the classes*

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