Friday, December 8, 2017

Life long learning and life updates

I realised that it has been months since I have updated this platform.

These few months were a torture. The family trip had been better than expected despite the unsanitary condition of their toilets and I felt the warmth of family. I think as our parents grow older, my brother and I become more aware of the fragility of life and we try to spend more time with them.

Marriage life on the other hand was a roller coaster. The highlight of moving into our own place was marred by PL going for SSEAYP and flying off on my birthday. Honestly, I was more than upset by it. To this very day, I am ambivalent about this whole matter. I can’t believe that he chose SSEAYP over me. Anyway, nothing can be changed now and I shall try not to think about it anymore.

I went on a solo London trip (thanks to SSEAYP), survived and came back, all without the husband. London was pretty but it was more expensive than I expected. I guess to a certain extent, I am pretty sick of travelling overseas.

I kinda like having my own house. I can do whatever I like; it can be as messy as I want it to be and most importantly, NOONE nags at me!! I get to enjoy the peace and quiet and I grew to love the time alone. Some days, I guiltily feel that I don’t need a husband at all. (cuz it doesn’t matter if he is around or not. Harsh fact but true)

I have signed up for Korean classes at KLC too. It’s at Singapore Korean International School at Bukit Tinggi, which is some freaking ulu place, but there is a shuttle bus at Newton. and Clementi So I can take the bus from Newton to the school and back to Clementi after the class. I wish I had started earlier so I don’t have to change to another bus to get back home nowadays. Another option is to stay at my parents’ place after the class but my brother would probably be unhappy since I got to share the  room with him again. And he sleeps so early! At 8pm!! Can you believe it?!!

So, that’s about it.

oh! for those people who wants to do some good during this Christmas season, sign up for LoveFAD! You just need to go for a gift wrapping workshop, sign up for slots at shopping malls (they cater to both east and westsiders and go there and wrap gifts! All proceeds go to charity. I signed up for a few slots at Westgate so if you are lucky, we might be able to see each other. For those who don’t have time, let us wrap your gift purchases and do charity at the same time!

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