Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Updates on piano lessons

Realised that it has been a pretty long while since I have updated about my piano lessons.

Yes, I'm still continuing my weekly lessons at West Coast area, with some absenteeism here and there.

Obviously, I'm not progressing as much as I should, seeing how I do skip practice *ahem* pretty often. However, I really can see a definite improvement in playing, especially when I return back to the old pieces that I played a while ago.

Now that I'm at grade 3 lessons, I can pick up grade 1-2 pieces pretty quickly (depending on the length and difficulty of the pieces - I'm still pretty bad at the ornaments).

Currently, I'm doing Fur Elise and Spinning Song, together with Long Long ago from the Piano Pieces for children (green colour book). I quite like this book as there are many pieces where I can recognise the songs, which helps in my playing. Alan Chan (from youtube) also did the covers for the book (if I'm not wrong), which is very very helpful if you want to hear how it sounds like before you start playing the piece.

And for those who are contemplating whether it is still feasible to learn the piano as an adult, I say, just go do it! :D

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