Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our chosen pictures from Bluebay Wedding photoshoot

We are finally done with the editing of our wedding photoshoot pictures!

Disclaimer: We were the ones who dragged it out so long, and Bluebay had sent us numerous reminders to ensure that we are doing our share of work. I really have to give a thumbs up to their service! Since we have already paid in full for our package, they could have just "forgot" to continue but they were more anxious than us! I must also admit, we really took our time.

Our pictures are also atypical of the usual photoshoots so we kind of had a hard time trying to communicate with the photographer the style that we wanted. But it was all good in the end :)

So, here goes!

Me pointing a finger to PL's nose while he made his unhappy face

Trying to act cool in this photo

Eloping in happiness!

My dark prince has come to fetch me to my new home~

Begging him to accept my love on my knees

Trying to strangle him when he made me unhappy

But true love still prevails~ Or more like he is resigned to his fate. HAHA

See! The shy me~

Having a lovely day out in the nature

Sitting on the love boat

I don't know why I was sitting on the piano!! I should be playing it~!!

Splashing water and having fun. This is personally one of my favourites

PL trying to do a jump shot. LOL at his legs' position

I love the rainbow

Swinging on the swing

Covering PL's eyes~ This is so Taiwanese drama-mama

PL trying to peep under my dress. HENTAI!

PL hiding behind my dress like a naughty little boy.

Giving him a punch to wake him up

Deciding on the next date place to go on the scooter~

The jerk moment when he pretends to not care

Me practising my biking skills

"What? Why that look?!" face

Making up in the end :D

"Eat my flowers, you idiot!" :P

His unhappy face of becoming my slave. MUHAHAHA

Trying to push him out of the picture.

Don't come near me!!

I am the Dowager. You are my slave :P

The slave should carry the mistress. Just kidding lah. HAHA.

Beach jumping like mad.

I managed to kick his butt into the air

Another punch in the stomach.

Then he tried to kick me back.

After all the tiring moments, he carried me back :)

Walking at the beach like a normal couple in abnormal attire and balloons.

Doing some back stretching exercises.

Excuse me, I not weak hor ~

Do let me know which picture is your favourite! :D

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