Thursday, May 7, 2015

Start of piano lessons

Was looking through some other people's blogs and figured that I should blog down my lessons too~

It's probably a better motivation to make myself practise harder =P

My teacher is super young - around 17 years old studying in NAFA and playing the harp!

1st lesson was good. She didn't buy the books yet but she prepared a notebook for me which I'm supposed to bring every lesson.

- Got introduced to time signatures, Middle C, the 4 different music periods, dynamics (whether it's ff or pp etc), C, G, D, A Majors and F, Bb, Eb Minors.
- Have to practise two hands playing up the scale? (not sure what it's called exactly)

I thought that the lesson was quite short so I upped it to twice a week. So now it's Thur and Sun :)

Quite excited actually but I shouldn't neglect my Japanese too since the exam is coming (again T.T)

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