Friday, March 6, 2015

A very sweet 1st wedding post on FB from hubby

And here we are,
on 28th feb again.
A year ago I promised you my commitment to stay with you for life,
As you did back to me.
What a year it have been I'll say,
As we grew together, and learnt more about each other every single day.
Its been quite a change of environment-from one where we were just dating to one where we're married together.
I've learnt more about what makes you smile or not,
As you've did too about me.
More about what touches your heart, or drives you to tears.
And what would make your eyes brighten up in an instant, or make you pout in a heartbeat.
As well as how the same simple gestures done to both of us can have well...different resultsXD...
In this one year, I'll dare to say is when we laughed the most, pranked the most, fought the most, feared the most, screamed the most and most importantly learned and cared the most about each other (than the other two years combined.)
It really has been a great good and important year I feel when certain friends stepped in to help us learn more about each other.
It really hasn't been easy being with me thus far I know, and I'm glad that you've been sticking around till today.
For those who say that love is impossible, you've shown me that that is wrong...
And love is easy? You've shown me likewise eitherXD...
If given a choice to redo things over again, I would, but this time by not repeating the things that have made you mad till you were in tears. Those were the times where I really felt the worse, and that I didn't deserve you at all. The times where I made you smile and laugh? I'll do those again...and would even improve upon them as well.
All in all, it has been a real ride so far,
But I'm glad that it was with you,
My equally (or even more lazy and stingy) hamster.
Thank you, and I love you.
Here's to many more years of marriage to go~
Your tigger.
wink emoticon.

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