Friday, March 6, 2015

1st wedding anniversary - 28/2/2015

I guessed after today, we can't exactly be termed as newlyweds anymore.
The ironic thing is, we have not even officially moved in together. (Blame the BTO for that)

This one year of marriage really opened up my eyes; I never knew that I have so much emotions bottled inside me, or that I could turn hysterical. I would have never believed that of myself to do such things. It makes me unsure of myself; of what I can do.

There were definitely laughter and joy, and there were all the fights, tears and long nights where I tried to make sense of everything. Every mind works differently; ours included. I got to admit that if the issues are brought up now, I will still be upset about them.

There were also many issues that were addressed, like how we managed to overcome our lack of privacy in our own houses by making a trip to JB monthly to spend time together, or to stay over at each other's houses once in a while. Granted, it wasn't the easiest of times, especially when both our beds are catered for one body, not two. And let's just say that both our parents were not happy with the arrangements either.

When east meets west - That's the time when everything turns chaotic. I would dare to say that I am not the typical daughter-in-law, or wife depending on how you see it. I don't just give respect to any old tom,dick and harry - respect is not a given. I can't stand how old folks think that they automatically gain respect just by being older - that goes the same for my relatives too. I will just speak my mind when I think that they are doing dumb stuff, and it all starts from there. And I admit, I love sex. And it is fucking irritating to be waiting till everyone is asleep before we can get on the action, especially when I'm not the most patient person in the world - I bet PL can attest to that.

Despite all the difficulties that we faced, I'm truly glad that we pulled through this difficult year and hopefully have a better second year of marriage. =D

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