Sunday, February 22, 2015

OCBC Frank Card - Complaint about late charges waiver and customer service

I'm sure most people are using the OCBC Frank Card and other OCBC Cards for their rebates and such.

This is my experience with their customer service with regards to my late charge waiver request.

1st time: Called the customer service hotline and asked for the late charge waiver. It was rejected via sms on 5 Feb 2015. (Btw, this is only the 2nd time I have a late charge with the bank)

2nd time (5 Feb 2015): Called the hotline again and requested to speak with the customer service officer. She claimed that I have to arrange for GIRO payment with the bank in order for the late charge to be waived. But since I have no idea where my ATM card is, she helped me request for a PIN so that I can go to the ATM to do a PIN Change to log into my internet banking.

3rd time(12 Feb 2015): Called the customer service again since I did not get the PIN via mail. (So how can I do the GIRO arrangement?) Requested for them to send the PIN so that I can do the GIRO arrangement. I told them AGAIN about my case and asked if I can appeal for the waiver and she informed me that I can only appeal after I have arranged GIRO payment.

4th time: (22nd Feb 2015): Finally got the PIN and wanted to go and settle this GIRO arrangement before they slapped me with another hefty fee. This time, the customer service told me that she can send the GIRO arrangement via mail and I cannot request for internet PIN using the ATM. This is so confusing!! I have been following this case religiously and I have to end up with the slow mail again?!! If that's the case, the customer service officer should have just mailed me the GIRO form in the first place and I do not need to take almost one month to follow up and still end up with such a primitive action. The customer service personnel couldn't even guarantee that I can have the late charge waived after I have applied for the GIRO arrangement, which is a different story from what the previous 2 customer service personnel told me.

I am very disappointed in the customer service that OCBC has provided and for those who are thinking of taking up their cards, please remember that this is the kind of customer service that they give to people once you have signed up with them. This is the first time that I have met a bank who does not care why the late charge is incurred in the first place (I did not receive the paper statement and don't even know how much I have to pay for it) and has such stringent procedures when it comes to waiver of late fee charges despite knowing that I have the means to pay for it. (I repaid the amount immediately when I got my next paper statement, even before their loans department sent me the email and sms asking me to pay my fees).

If OCBC values their customers, pls contact me at 90607834 to clarify and resolve this matter. I will update everyone if/when I have gotten an answer from them about the late fee charge waiver and the poor customer service that I have been receiving.

UPDATED: Resolved. OCBC called back on 23rd Feb to inform me that the late charge has been waived.


  1. It sounds like one has to post or blog about the bad experience before OCBC will consider waiving the late fee charge!

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  3. I got same bad experience here. The customer service told me they cannot waive my late charges for 2 cards. That's $160 in total! They said they charged me as I did payment late. Of course I know I did payment late. I was overseas. But why they have the waive system for late charge? I'm confused by their logic.