Monday, December 15, 2014

1st Brazilian Waxing at Cecilia Westberry

Booked an appointment with Cecilia Westberry on Sat morning.
For those who have not been there before, I think it is wise to give a 15 mins allowance to find the place as it is in the middle of the housing estate.

I was late ><.
Luckily she still had time to do it for me.

It was a quick 15mins wax and she was quite professional about it. I was a little anxious since it was my first time but it was relatively painless.

I paid SGD45 nett and I thought it's quite worth it ;)

I hoped it has been a surprise for my dearie hubby~~

Asae has been scaring me with stories of itchiness when the hair is growing back but so far, it has been quite okay, with no horror stories.

The hair has been growing back quite slowly anyway, and I will probably only go back closer to my phuket trip =P (Think Bikini!)

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