Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: How to train your dragon 2

I'm a super huge cartoon movie person, so when we went over to JB today, we caught this movie. :)
I am totally not disappointed. Compared to the first movie, this movie has a better plot. There are so many ups and downs scenes that I can't keep track of them all.

Toothless is as cute as ever, but he can't really fly without a rider (which sucks because he nearly drowned when Hiccup was captured.)Hiccup lost his leg but he is still functioning properly, and he even invented something so that he could fly! The cinematics are awesome!

And...I cried when Hiccups's dad died. However, there are so many cute scenes that made the movie enjoyable instead of an angst one.

It's a great coming of age movie as Hiccup is rebellious but towards the end, he realises that no matter how great he thinks his dad is, and how useless he is, he still has to try to work towards being like his dad.

A must-watch.

I caught this movie at JB KSL for RM14. Two good things about watching in JB - The price is cheap and the armrest between the seats can be lifted up. I get to cuddle against PL when I'm watching the movie :P

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