Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Escape Game: Escape from the Moon Base

Saturday, I went with a few of the YEC people for the bonding event. Initially, I thought that it was a normal real escape game where we will be locked up and we try to figure a way out, but to my surprise, it was the puzzle real escape that Wendy and I had went for when we were still fresh young blood.


"Emergency! Emergency! The base is severely damaged! Cause unknown!" Suddenly, the alert blares out through the base. You are trapped! There is only one hour of oxygen supply left and seconds are already ticking away. What caused the damage? Is there a way out? Solve the mysteries, escape from the Moon Base, and survive!

Real Escape Game (REG) is a thematic puzzle-based game that was the first of its kind to be brought in from Japan in 2012 and is a pioneer in the establishing of the concept of 'Escape Games' in Singapore. REG focuses on the finest quality of puzzle contents and encourages real-life social interaction.

In this game, participants experience a "lock-down" and they would have to work in their own teams to solve the mystery using their wits and unique mind and skill sets. There are various types of puzzles for everyone - mathematical, logical, lateral, literal, and hands-on.

In a limited time of one hour, teams would have to solve a series of puzzles that would lead them to the ultimate solution on how to escape. On average, only 7% of our participants have managed to escape in the past five volumes that we have had so far! Do you and your friends have what it takes?

The puzzles that were given were harder than the ones that we did the other time, and my brain was totally stoned. There are slightly more steps this time round too, with a twist at the ending. Do catch if you haven't as I think the makers of the puzzles really did do a good job!

*People who like sci-fi will probably like it the most =D

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