Sunday, April 13, 2014

Days in Cing Jing Farm at Taiwan, Taichung, Nantou

At first, we were supposed to take the ego bus to Cing Jing Farm from Tai Chung, but as they did not reply to our email until much later, we searched for alternatives and saw this package from Nantou bus services.

So, we can actually take the Nantou bus from either Taichung HSR station or Taichung train station, all for the price of 600TWD (inclusive of return trip and the entrance fee to the Cing Jing Farm)
There is a discount coupon for you to stay at one of the hotels too!

The bus can be quite packed so I do recommend that you go earlier. They will give you a number when you buy the tickets and you will go up the bus according to the number. And, pls visit the washroom before heading up the bus! The ride is around 2 hours, and they don't stop for a toilet break! Those prone to motion sickness should take the motion sickness pill or they will be like PL, who turned white on the way back from Cing Jing Farm as he tried to test out not eating the pill. >.<
*There are hairpin turns involved in the route.

We stayed at Misty Villa, so our actual stop should be one stop before Cing Jing Farm, where you can see a 7-11 on your right. Do ask the bus driver where you should stop, or else risk being bullied by the cab drivers. They brought us to Misty Villa for 200TWD when the ride was less than 5 min!!! :(

And when we reached, it was raining so heavily that we hid inside the 7-11 for warmth. The temperature was around 7 degrees.

The umbrella outside the balcony with the view. It was just too cold outside><

The afternoon view from our room

So, we went to visit Cing Jing farm the next morning.

The entrance of the farm that is still under construction

From the start of the farm

With people feeding the sheeps

They were eating the food greedily.

We got the feed for 10TWD for each packet!

Notice the little boy in yellow up together with the sheeps?

He looks like a mini PL!

Me feeding the sheeps

This little guy ended up eating the cardboard too! 

And he ran away from us :(

The marks that was left on PL's shirt when the sheep jumped on him

The horse riding show

The number of steps that we walked down on a cold windy morning

The dog at Misty Villa was so cold that he ended up cuddling me. And wanted to snatch my heat pack.

That's all from Cing Jing Farm.
I got a surprise gift when I was heading down back to Taichung.

I was kuku enough to fall asleep on the bus and I hit my head and got a cut near my eye when the bus was going down the mountain. PL panicked as there was quite a bit of blood. He mentioned that his ex had also knocked her head when on a bus @@ and smashed her glasses.

Anyway, it has all healed up now.

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