Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bittersweet moments at Swee Choon and Zhong Shan Mall

Yesterday, we went Ikea and then to Swee Choon for dinner with his friends.

We had to rush when we were at Ikea as we didn't have enough time before heading to Swee Choon.

The queue at Swee Choon was crazy but the food was above average and it was quite cheap. For some odd reason, we ordered 3 plates of carrot cake and couldn't finish them!

Then we went for drinks at Starker's at Zhong Shan Mall. It was really a pretty place, esp with all the lights. It was really enjoyable till the end of it, when we were heading home.

PL was concentrating on his obsession for taxi stands, and him wanting to call his sister not to lock the door. I was really quite pissed at it. Didn't he realise that I wanted to spend more time with him together? Grrr.

In the end, he compromised by staying over at my place, but wasn't what I wanted. I want him to want to stay over, but not to do it out of obligation. It seems like I always have to beg him to stay over, and the feeling isn't nice at all. Am I a beggar or what? :(

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