Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The peace after the storm

Holy shit, married life is like a drama, where it can be awesome at times, and shitty the next.

Was secretly elated when PL spent the day with me (being sick together) and he brought me to food for thought to eat lunch. [I was so sick that I can't finish a breakfast set on my own]

It was the place we wanted to have our ROM at at first but it was too expensive. They needed us to pay at least 10k for the venue and food, which was crazy.

I love the way that he will still try to cheer me up when I'm unhappy, and he doesn't give up even though I'm pissed at various stuff. I never knew that I can be so pissed till I met him tho!

And he will accompany me to sleep before making his way home. Maybe I have said it before, but that is always the sweetest part of the memory, where I drifted off to sleep with him around.

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