Monday, March 10, 2014

PL and JY ROM at The Chevrons

Finally, it was the day when we are going to be husband and wife.

To be honest, it just felt like another event that I have to get through. I guess we were so used to each other that it doesn't occur to us that we will not be together. Even though there were some incidents that pissed me off a lot.

We booked two chalets at The Chevrons, kindly assisted by my very very dear cousin (whom I had a crush on like ages ago! Like in P1? =P)

This was the doorway to the chalet (and PL and WP were still in the midst of preparation!)

And I was still doing stoopid moves like this while my dress was hanging at the inner balcony. 

Can you imagine the vastness of this bedroom?!! It is super big! =D

The setting up of the place itself

Yvonne was helping to tame my hair down.

The ROM itself! =D

Too many pictures make my laptop hang. LOL.


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