Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am in a ranting mood today

I am just so short of saying that I regretted marrying you.

I am not your Maria who needs to go to your house and help you clear stuff.

When did I ever say that I love cleaning?

The only reason why I like clearing your stuff is because I get to go to a cleaner and uncluttered room every time I am at your place. Why is your room so dirty anyway?

And what do I get for that? "You don't touch my alcohol lah." Then why I am clearing it in the first place when you love them so much? I am never going to do that again. Especially when you treat it like it is my duty to do so. HELLO, it is not my duty to help you clear your f-ing dirty room.

And don't ever tell me to delete or add/block people at my blog. My blog is my private space and not for you to order me around. If the person is unhappy about some stuff that I wrote, he/she can go and fuck himself/herself. Why must I be the one listening to you? This is really the last warning because you have done it too many times for my liking.

And if they fucking hate you to stay over at my place, you can always be the good son who always fucking stay in the house, look after them, eat dinner/meals with them. HELP THEM WASH CLOTHES. I can survive very well on my own. TYVM. You can fucking stay with them forever for all I care. Don't come over to my house for meals anymore, since your dear old mum misses you so much that you have to eat dinner at home.
Why not add a foot bath for a good measure too? You can shun bian carry them up and down the stairs if you want too.

I hate time wasters too. I think you already know how pissed I get when I have to wait for you.

If you think that this time I will just cool down and forget it about it after a period of time, you are so damn fucking wrong.

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