Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Wolf on Wall Street

The first thing that came to my mind was: The movie is super long.

In Singapore, it is classified as a R21 film, making it my first R-rated movie watched in the cinema. Truth to be told, I didn't think that I would have enjoyed it this much as 3 hours sounded a tad long to me. But I managed to watch it all without falling asleep, which is considered very good.

The film depicts the life of Jordan Belfort, who rose to fame and fortune by being a very good stockbroker who eventually opened his own firm and used devious ways to make people invest their money so that they can earn from their investments, together with some insider trading blah blah blah.

There were quite a few banking jargons but most of it were drugs related.

The film has a typical ending, where the bad guy goes to jail and gets reformed after all the bad things that he has done. What I am impressed by is the way they tried to glamorize the sex and drug scenes initially. People are drawn to the high living lifestyle, me included.

But, all became disillusions when his first wife divorced him due to his affair. It shocked me to the core, because she was the one who brought him into this life that he enjoyed, by encouraging him to do something that he loves, yet he betrayed her.

From then on, he became more sick, engaging in orgies and drug parties that ruined his life. It may seem all glamorous outside, but he has serious family problems. One day, it just all busted on him.

I look at it as a cautionary tale, where one may just become too addicted to see what he has really become.
He who thinks he knows all may just jolly well be the one who loses all if he doesn't choose his correct priority. It really portrays the excessiveness of the rich; those who don't give a care about what happen to others as they earn more money than what they could spend. It was too sickening to the core.

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