Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Nature Republic Peeling Foot Mask

Time to use my haul from Korea Trip! I have really bought too much stuff in Korea, and am still using everything! Alamak! Apparently the foot mask cannot be kept for too long, as the expiry date for mine is Oct 2014. Since I have to wear flats to work nowadays, I now have callus on my feet! @@ Gone were the days where I wear my sports shoes to work >.<

This is how it looks like when worn. 

The instructions say that I have to wear it for 60-90 mins, depending on the skin condition. I have really really sensitive skin, and eczema on my leg too, so I will wear it for 60 mins to try it out. I am really just too lazy to do testing beforehand.

There will be a line to cut open the "socks" to put your feet in. I don't really like the size of the "socks". It's too big for me, and I have to waddle around the house. Haiz. The inside of the "socks" is watery, and it stings when I put it in. *Not a good sign* 

After 60 minutes, I felt my feet pruning up. *Time to take them off and rinsed off with warm water*

There is this cooling effect on the feet, probably due to the alcohol content in the "socks". One thing I don't like about it is the strong alcohol smell. It reeks of it. But oh wells. Let's wait for the results.

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