Monday, January 6, 2014

2nd appointment at Blue Bay Wedding Delfi Orchard

we went over to the Delfi branch at 8pm on a Sunday.

 There wasn't any people instead of us. Actually, both of us felt quite bad as the two salespeople in the shop were having their dinner and we interrupted them.

 Anyway, our agenda was to tell them more about our expectations of the photoshoot as well as to confirm the timing with them. we have set the date of the photoshoot as 30th april 2014, one day after we touch down from the plane. I want to take photos of the sandy beach and blue skies, while PL wants to have quirky shots, esp with the motorbikes. the salesperson, Olivia, told us to have a Plan B, and she took the time to show us the different photostyles that we might like. PL is also interested in the street style but I guess it was just alright for me.

As I was hooked on the sandy beaches, Olivia told me that I can go on the Danshui-YangMingshan route as the scenery is perfect for the stuff that I want. She also recommended that I can shoot with the water lilies as they are in season, but it remains to be seen. I am not very interested in flowers >.<

Other than that, they didn't explain much about the other routes even though I thought they would. I realised that it is very very important to ask questions. Their service is good, but they don't really automatically provide you with information.

She also assessed our hair and told us that we have to dye them before going over as black hair is ugly when the photos are out. And PL has lots of white hair that he is supposed to dye black. No wonder everyone looks damn good in the photos as they have to do damn a lot of preparation sia.

She also told me to bring a pair of white/silver heels (and I don't have it) haha. We are thinking of playing cheat and just wear sneakers or flats. Let's see how it goes.

The photos below are koped from google images:

I love the blue blue sky~ And the balloons!

This is really a quirky setup, and I thought it is super cool~

I don't really like the colour scheme of this but the concept of the groom running away from the bride is LOL!

Somehow PL loves this more than me. Maybe he is a Do-M at heart.

Another weirdass picture

Motorbikes photoshoot. The heels are damn high though.

Back to reality, I think we can only incorporated a little as both our parents might just flip if we go for solely quirky photos. But I hope we can have a damn cool one!

Link to the first appointment:

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