Monday, December 16, 2013

Wedding: The wedding rings by Chung Hwa Jade and Jewellery

We went to shop for our wedding rings at Chung Hwa Jade and Jewellery, at Chinatown.

My proposal ring was from there too!

We were there on a sunday where there were lots of people at the shop, and we had to wait for the crowd to clear before we were able to make our selection. Our budget is around 700 SGD. Since I didn't like the trendy rings that everyone is sporting now, we went ahead with the traditional gold rings.

We ended up choosing both rings at SGD 500. There was a workmanship fee of $6 for each ring, but no GST included. All for $500 =D I love the design of the ring, very simple and chic =)

The two rings that we got at Chung Hwa

Nice right?!!

As PL said that he is not going to wear the ring, I'm still wondering what to do with mine. >.<

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