Monday, December 9, 2013

The Little India riot

As many would have known, Singapore just experienced a riot in Little India last night. My dad and I were discussing it in the middle of the night, when he woke up to take a pee.

The way I see it, something should be done about Little India. The traffic there is horrendous, especially on weekends.
PL drove me around Little India a couple of times, and I told him that I am totally disinterested in staying there, and I would not stay there if I can choose. The reasons are very simple and straightforward. There are way too many foreigners in that area, and they do not obey the traffic rules. I would not want to subject PL to these hazards every single day. In addition, these foreign workers do not have a sense of hygiene. I mean, how difficult it is to not spit on the ground and pick up their own rubbish? I see them throwing their litter everywhere without any thought of others.

Maybe you can say that I am xenophobic, but I am perfectly fine with them staying in Singapore. In fact, I respect them because they are doing the dirty work that Singaporeans do not want to do at a very low pay. However, I condemn the actions done yesterday. I would still do the same even if those who started the riots are Singaporeans. I would be very ashamed of them, as a fellow Singaporean. It is not who they are, but what they did which has to be condemned.

The manpower issue of the police and SCDF is something that we know of long ago. There is manpower shortage. I mean, I have called an ambulance twice this year and they really took quite long to reach the accident scene. I do not know why the riot started, but if it was because of the bus accident, then I think that there was no reason for a riot to happen. We all have to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

And there is no excuse of damaging the ambulance and injuring the paramedic personnels. I akin it to the enemy troops shooting at the UN peacekeepers.

I applaud the man in the video who tried to stop the rest. If I were in his shoes, I might not dare to step up to them. Hearing what the guy said to the one wielding the dustbin, he is probably an Indian too?

Also, we must not forget about those who have to clean up the aftermath of the riot. They are most probably their fellowman, who might or might not have been involved in the riots. So, I don't think we should judge them based on their nationality, but instead on their actions. We cannot make the assumption that all Indians are out to make trouble, as there are definitely those out there who are peace-loving.

I must also say that I am proud of our own defense force. Those out there who said that there is no need for a strong defence force can now see that emergencies do happen. Though not a defence advocate myself, (I really think that they spend too much money on defence when some other divisions really needed the money), I think that being prepared for emergencies is a necessity.

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