Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tai Son Seafood Restaurant at JB (The Zon)

Picture credit to http://hungryrick.blogspot.sg

Tai Son Seafood is a Seafood Restaurant with a seaview looking towards Singapore at The Zon, JB. One can take a RM10 taxi ride there (6-7RM if going by meter but usually they will jack up the price)

There is also a ferry terminal near there so if you are interested to go to Batam from Malaysia, you can try there to (I have never taken the ferry from there before).

The seafood there is definitely very fresh, based on the few times that I have been there. The variety of food is extensive, albeit a tad on the expensive side. (but definitely cheaper than in Singapore)

PL loves the dessert there, even though they do not specialise in desserts. He had the crazy idea of just going there for the dessert till I stopped him. The fried ice-cream there is just heavenly~~

For me, I am always for their crabs. If you go there, go for the steamed garlic crabs! It is so juicy and delicious! Paiseh, it was so good that I forgot to take pictures before eating them! >.<

The best time to go there is definitely in the evening. While eating, you can see the setting sun, and then the night scenery. Lagi best~ Call to reserve for best seating arrangement. Ask for the outside seats.

Going back is a bit troublesome in the dark though. Don't go for those taxis which are waiting for passengers as they will charge you 15RM at least. Walk a hundred metres towards the other coffeeshops and there will be other taxis giving a more reasonable price.

This time round, I went to PL, his mum and sis. We ordered 2 crabs, 1 soup, 1 meat, 1 veg and 1 tofu for 234 RM. The meat dish for Chicken Cha Siew, which they said wasn't very nice. I am not a meat fan so it didn't taste nice to me in the first place. I still think that the crabs was the best dish. Haha.

I can't wait to go there again!! Just for the crabs~

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