Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: Kurotomon Ramen @ City Square JB

The place that the 5 of us went for lunch at JB City Square

It was an impulsive move as we didn't know what we wanted to eat. Looking at the price, it was a tad expensive (almost the same price as Singapore's ramen shop) but since they featured quite a few interesting dishes, we decided to give it a go.

 They gave us a table where the seats were wobbly, and we were gingerly sitting on it, and I was so afraid that it would collapse under our weight. Luckily the waitress brought us to another table once the customers had left.

The menu that they offered is extensive. We took quite a while to order. The green tea that was ordered was okay imo, but Wei Ping said that it was not up to standard. Oh well, they tasted average to me, not fantastic but it wasn't that bad either. The ramen was quite good actually, with the exception of the meat. Both the Chashu and the braised pork were too salty. Not too sure why, but it was really thirst-inducing. I was turned off by it also because the tea was freaking expensive!

6 RM for a pitcher of tea. @@

Yes, this costs 6 RM per pitcher. Expensive right?!!

The black gyoza that we got (both fried and pan fried) were average too. There isn't any wow factor to it except that it is black in colour.

We spent around 17 SGD each for a main dish each, 3 pitchers of tea, and 2 plates of gyozas. I wouldn't say that it was value for money.

I probably wouldn't be going back there anytime soon.

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