Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: Causeway Bay Hong Kong Dim Sum at City Square JB

Located on the 6th level of City Square Mall, it is the perfect lunch place if you are heading to watch a movie at Cathay. The cinema is just right beside the restaurant.

Only recently did I get to know about this place as I seldom venture up to the top levels of City Square Mall. The layout is quite weird as there is only an escalator going upwards to the cinema but we have to use either the lift or the stairs to get back to the 5th level. Anyone know of any other solution to get down?

Anyway, the dim sum there is not too bad. It is decently priced for dim sum, and the portion is just nice.

Lunch for 4 pax


Har Gao - I like the Har Gao as the portion is just nice, not too much skin, and it was very smooth.

Handmade fishball - I didn't find it very fantastic but PL's mum went gaga over it.

HK egg tarts - PL's mum says that PL is very picky about his egg tarts so I assume that it is good as he likes it. Me? I'm not a fan of egg tarts. >.<

Hot Honey Lemon - It just tasted wonderful~ Indescribable

Steamed Egg Yolk Bun - The rich egg yolk flowing into the mouth when I bit into it was awesome. But I would prefer the bun to be a little less thick, so it won't be so filling @@ Haha.

The rest were just average. Nothing much to complain about and I think it was good enough for me. 

Must go with a bunch of friends or family~ =D

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Dim Sum Rooftop Restaurant
Level:6. #06-10 Tel:07-2211 666

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